21 concepts (> 80% edtech!) were received from teams hailing from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Canada!

The Competition

Last year saw the launch of the first round of the Global WebVR Hackathon, which received 34 concepts from teams from 13 countries. Now, with the WebXR API, we are inviting you to think bigger and expand your concepts to be accessible to the full spectrum of VR and AR devices.

This edition, running from May 25 to July 31, 2018, has two tracks for creators to choose from and develop their concepts according to.

  1. Games from the past: Reinvent a classic game by using the new possibilities offered by the WebXR API: e.g. Tetris in 3D, PacMan controlled with the headset, or find a clever way to use this new paradigm to give those games an entirely new user design and approach.

  2. Education: By departing from the traditional way of learning in a 2D space, Virtual, Mixed or Augmented Reality offers an additional dimension to how to approach basic teaching methodology, presentation of the curriculum, and training environments. Apply these new resources now at your disposal to teach people in a fun and immersive way.

There are none, except to abide to one of the above tracks in theme. That said, it is generally a good idea to try to submit your concept as early as possible in order to rally enough votes to make it into the top 10 ranked concepts, which the panel of judges will draw the top 2 winners from.

Please do note, however, that brownie points will be awarded to concepts that implement the following special features:

  1. Progressive enhancement: if your experience is available through multiple devices and uses the available technology of each of them (more about it in this article)
  2. Multiplayer: if your experience enable users to regroup and have social interaction in it
  3. Accessibility: if your experience has a special feature enabling accessibility (like for visual/hearing/motor physical impaired people)

If you have any other questions, please first check the FAQ, and if all else fails, please use the Contact us form.

Cool gear for prizes

While the prize list continues to grow, please see for the following confirmed items to be awarded to winners:

1st prize: A Samsung Odyssey and a VR-Ready laptop

Samsung Odissey & laptop, not contractual picture

2nd prize: A Samsung goodies bag + a 500€ gift card + a Gear 360

Samsung gear 360, non-contractual picture

3rd prize: An Oculus Rift + controllers

Oculus Rift, non-contractual image


Our sponsors for this edition include Mozilla, Samsung Internet and Supermedium. Our media partner is Upload.

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Judges Panel

We have collected a diverse range of industry experts, influencers, and leaders with a range of backgrounds and skill-sets represented, including developers, designers, devrels, and marketing professionals.

James Baicoianu

Principal Engineer at JanusVR

Marina Borriello

Chief XR Officer at Prisma Media Solutions

Ada Rose Cannon

Developer Advocate at Samsung Internet

Josh Carpenter

UX Lead for WebXR at Google

Alban Denoyel

Cofounder & CEO at Sketchfab

Stefanie Doll

Frontend Developer & Organizer of WebXR Berlin Meetup

Roland Dubois

UI/UX Designer/Developer & WebXR Advocate at A-Frame NYC Meetup

Taylor Freeman

Cofounder & CEO at UploadVR

Monika Kedrova

Fullstack Software Engineer & WebXR Advocate

Erica Layton

VR and AR Interaction Prototyper at Normal VR

Diego Marcos

A-Frame Maintainer & Cofounder at Supermedium

Joshua Marinacci

Developer Advocate for Mozilla Mixed Reality

Billy Vacheva

Product Manager Creator Experience, LensVR at Coherent Labs

Nell Waliczek

Principal Engineer & WebXR API Spec Editor

Chris Van Wiemeersch

Senior UX/UI Web Engineer, Virtual Reality at Mozilla

Aysegül Yönet

Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies at Nrwl.io


Additional Information

It’s a good idea to immerse yourself in the greater WebVR community, as well. Here are a few to get you started.

  1. WebVR Slack Community (click here to join)
  2. AFrame Slack Community (click here to join)
  3. WebVR Mailing List

Or have a look on How to get Started!