21 concepts (> 80% edtech!) were received from teams hailing from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Canada!

Interview with Mark Pesce – VRML Co-Founder

You're a bonafide VR pioneer. How do you see the industry currently taking form?

The most interesting thing to me is that it’s happening everywhere. Everyone has an idea of what they can use VR/AR/MR for. That’s a good thing. Like the early Web.

What's your opinion about WebVR's role in shaping the industry?

Standards are important. Openness is important. Leveraging the 25 years building a global informational resource is important. Putting these together isn’t easy, but it’s worthwhile.

Are there any particular kind of applications, tools, or simulations that you'd really love to see come out of this hackathon?

I am a big fan of data visualisation and Earth visualisation. Anything that does either one or both will get big props from me. That said, delight is a key part of the VR experience and I’d like to see a work that just utterly delights me.

Are there any grave mistakes or pitfalls that you often see that you'd like for teams to avoid?

Unless you have a very good reason, stick to interfaces and metaphors that people understand. Don’t force people to re-learn the wheel every time.

On the flip side, what are some tips that you'd like to share that might help teams create awesome stuff?

"Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” - Picasso