21 concepts (> 80% edtech!) were received from teams hailing from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Canada!

21 concepts (> 80% edtech!) were received from teams hailing from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Canada!


Education Uploaded by Debra Anderson 31 Jul 2018

Problem: Nearly 3 years since it’s established, there is lack of awareness about Agenda 2030.  The Agenda, a plan of action for the prosperity and well-being of all people and our planet, is composed of a set of 169 universal and transformative targets and 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Those within the UN system and its partner organizations, governments and NGOs are aware of Agenda 2030. Professionals in-charge of running corporate social responsibility and sustainability and students studying development and public policy and administration are in the know of the 17 goals. However, today the knowledge of these goals stops here.Two major challenges that have been identified are the complexity of the information locked in datasets, dashboards, charts and graphs; and a lack of context or personalization. Therefore people are not engaged. This lack of knowledge and engagement is a major obstacle to reaching the goals. If more people were aware and engaged, they would be motivated to participate in achieving the goals. A mass motivation would drive an acceleration across the planet, enabling the goals to become achievable, through the efforts of every person. Solution: Disruptive technologies have brought potential to transform the way we analyze and share data and generate new ways for how we develop data actions at local and global levels. Datavized Technologies, a member of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, seeks to provide solutions to solve the problem of data fragmentation and engagement through web-based immersive technologies that everyone can use (designed for non-technical users / non-data scientists) turning data from analysis into experiences, so everyone can work better together to align individual actions and organizational initiatives with the 2030 SDGs. The SDG WebXR Application: This WebVR for social impact application creates an immersive experience of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to measure how much impact and attention the SDGs are generating in the public consciousness. The visualization, soon to connect with SDG data portals, will allow humanitarian and development practitioners, policy makers and donors to identify successes or areas for improvement (peaks and troughs) and share these data-driven insights. It will help build a culture of sustainability and social responsibility across all people, cultures and countries across our planet, so as to enable entities to meet the adopted targets. The initial prototype will take the 17 Goals - convert the goal’s 2D icons into 3D icons, using basic animation and allow for access to the United Nations SGD data and statistics portals. The advanced version will integrate the SDG API indicators database (maintained by United Nations Statistics Division, UNSD), retrieving information and metadata on the SDGs, allow the user to explore spatially referenced data by Goal, and explore the 3D environment with other people through an immersive collaborative online space. It will be a 100% web-based responsive application and will be available on the web and in all web connected devices including in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR - https://codepen.io/debraeanderson/full/LrwepZ) and mixed reality (MR) platforms (also known as XR technologies) using the WebXR API. The prototype will be designed to be both WebVR and WebAR compatible so it can be experienced as a 3D environment on the web - running the the browser, on mobile photos, tablets and high end head mounted displays such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive with gesture, voice and gaze interaction. Project Creator: Debra Anderson, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Datavized Technologies, Inc & Adjunct Faculty, Digital Development: WebVR, The New School, Parsons School of Design, School of Art, Media and Technology

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